About us

viscio seeing is knowing v2We are Viscio, a company focused on producing hardware and software with the use of visual data
gathering. Founded in 2015, the plans for our company started years earlier in 2011. In this year, the base for our upcoming app ‘What Do I See’ was created. The following years we expanded this idea, including hardware applications.

The founder of Viscio, Stefan van Hoove, originally came up with the idea for ‘What Do I See’ and is currently the CEO of Viscio. Together with co-founder Rob Koopman, they launched the company in October 2015 in Groningen, the Netherlands. But being both a Dutch and an American corporation, Viscio’s main location will be San Fransisco, California from 2016 onwards.

The name of our company is a combination of two Latin words, ‘vide’ and ‘scio’, roughly translated: ‘to see’ and ‘to know’ or ‘I know’. These two words are the foundation of our company, we want to know everything by seeing and looking. In other words: we want to gain and share information, by gathering visual information. We know, because we see.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more, please visit our contact page.